Spruced Up Pattern release

Hi all, its been a while.

I’m getting in touch because I’ve released a new pattern today. For someone who’s not very Christmassy, this was a push.

The Spruced Up Block pattern is available here:As I wrote in my previous blog post (I know. two posts, the same year!? The word prolific comes to mind, right?) when the going gets tough I call on my quilty friends for help.

Embroidery by Carina Envoldsen-Harris @carinacraftblog:

So I got some cool makers involved, let’s call them the Ghosts of Christmas for now, in the hope that they’d infuse me with some Christmas spirit. I’ll share some of their work below but I can say this, I’ve been converted and there’s even a tree skirt and a Bah Humbug Quilt in the works. But first I’d like to tell you a bit about Spruced Up.

This is a pattern I’ve had sitting in my Touchdraw file for years. But because I’m Scrooge, I didn’t fancy sharing it. Bah Humbug. Who makes Christmas quilts anyway? Quite a few of you I’ve realised after mentioning the design here and there. Yes, sharing my ideas has never been a problem, I just used to struggle with sharing my patterns.

Spruced Up is  made with three sizes of Drunkard’s Path.The pieces above makes up a new set. It’s  in my shop and it’s called Basic Drunkard’s Path Set. It  contains all the pieces you need to make the Spruced Up Block (the 1 3/4”, 3 1/3” and 7” Drunkard’s Path, all with the nifty square-up tool). If you already have the Combined DP Set you’re sorted too.

The Combined Drunkard’s Path Set: And all my patterns come with paper versions of the templates as well.

I’ve kept the block clean of any garnish  so it can be left as is, without being spruced up..

Block by Carissa Englert @treadletothemetal:

…gently spruced..

Block by Gretchen Young @gollygwhiz:

Block by Saija Kiiskinen @saija_elina:

.or glammed up to its boughs.

Block by Paula James @the_secret_sewer:

Block by Joanne Crossland @lunaloo236:

There’ll be a competition to see who does the most Christmassy decoration. All you need to do is share your pictures on IG with #spruceduppattern and your Pimped Pine is in the draw. There’ll be prices along the way too so remember to show me your work in progress. At the Advent finale I will pick my favourite finished block.

The pattern is available to buy in my shop pappersaxsten.com/templates or through Sew in the City, my LQS. Sew in the City is not only hosting a Spruced Up Workshop on November 16th but has put together a Spruced Up Kit.

Spruced Up Kit sewinthecity.co.uk:

Cushion by Saija @saija_elina

Mini by Joanne Crossland @lunaloo236:

Cushion by Paula James @the_secret_sewer:

I’d like to say a big thank you to:

Julie Zaichuk-Ryan southatlanticstitchingcompany.com for tech-editing and to all my lovely testers for making me look forward to Christmas:

Paula James, Joanne Crossland, Maria Doyle-Mediaro, Gretchen Young, Carissa Englert, Dorothy Hill

And a big thank you to Carina Envoldsen-Harris and Saija Kiiskinen who I might have bullied into playing along. I sent my own block to Carina to do her thread-magic to: Continue reading Spruced Up Pattern release

RJR Fabrics #whatshadeareyou

Every week RJR Fabrics presents us with a quilt made by a maker that they’ve been giving free reins to use their Cotton Supreme Solids. I’ve been following this on IG for a long while and when I got the chance to make a quilt of my own, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve written a blog post (my first) mainly about the process of making my Paper Round Quilt but also a little bit about me. You can also find this, and a giveaway of the fabrics used, on RJR Fabrics’ blog http://quiltwithlove.com/ . Here we go and thank you for joining in:

My name is Jenny, I’m a Swedish quilter in Sheffield. I’ve been in the UK for nearly two decades and moved to South Yorkshire from London two years ago. I’m trained as a pattern cutter and have been sewing my whole life but I’ve been making quilts full time for the last 5 years. With no graphic design background I just make what I like and most of the time that involves a curve. I love using the computer to design as it’s very exact (a habit from my pattern cutting days perhaps) and because my drawings by hand never turn out the way it looks in my head. At the moment I’m using Touchdraw on an iPad Mini that I share with my kids (not ideal but restrictions can be good, right?). I’m dreaming of a bigger screen, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

My main tool when making curves are my custom templates (#pappersaxstentemplates):

I often use one of the shapes as a restriction/rule when designing. Or, if I’ve got a new shape/template in mind, I’ll start my design around that. http://pappersaxsten.com/templates/

The #paperroundquilt was no exception. I had just released the Triple Drunkard’s Path set (#tdptemplate) and I was playing with the shape:

The design I came up with reminded me of newspapers stacked up ready for the paper round and I immediately thought of RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Solids for the quilt.

The chart they sent me had all the colours I love and choosing was easier than I’ve ever experienced. This is my pick:

(298 Slate, 327 Poolside, 289 Proud as a Peacock , 368 Goldilocks, 367 Bandana, 281 Cloud 9, 333 Bougainvillea, 294 Cove, 285 Golden Topaz).

The colours have altered a smidgen but apart from that, I did not stray far from the original design (thank you Michelle for your input). This is the norm for me at the moment but maybe the future will give me more time to experiment, go crazy, step on the orange (the latter is a blogpost in itself). I now particularly like the kick of that light blue newspaper on the top of the pile:

I did find it a bit jarring at first and I nearly unpicked/and remade that part. Now I’m very happy I kept it. My Swedish “matchy, matchy” aesthetic needs an ice cube down it’s neck sometimes or it will all get too safe and cozy. The top went together beautifully thanks to these lush solids. These fabrics are easy to cut, sew and press. They really live up to the Supreme part of the name.

When it comes to quilting I’ve got lots of ideas but my tiny domestic machine is not ideal for what I had in mind. Instead I went looking for a longarmer. I love the graphic quilting designs of Cristine Perrigo and Jodi Robinson but the cost of shipping and customs and the wish to use a more local quilter made me ask around on my home turf. Joë Bennison’s name popped up more than once and I’m very happy she could take this on. These are my initial drawings for Joë:

The photos of the finished quilt are taken in the Antiques Quarter in Sheffield by Lee Thompson. I love working with Lee as he always surprises me and finds an angle I would never have thought of.

There are lots of exciting things happening involving this quilt that I can not yet mention but I can tell you this:
Making this quilt and working with RJR Fabrics has been big for me as it led to a collaboration with artist Cecilia Björk, one half of Artyfact Gallery in Sweden, and to our exhibition ‘Art Quilt’ at that Gallery at the end of March.

Sign up to my mailing list for news on the pattern release (yes, it will happen this year!) and any other curvy news.

Thank you and keep making,

Curved Log Cabin Workshop V&A

Quilt designer Jenny Haynes of Papper, Sax, Sten will guide you through a range of techniques to cut and sew a throw-sized quilt. Selecting your own choice of fabric colours, you’ll create your own version of Jenny’s Curved Log Cabin pattern, a bold design as featured in the recent publication ‘Patchwork and Quilting: A Maker’s Guide’ (Thames & Hudson / V&A Publishing).

See the V&A site for bookings.

Pickled Pink a hand-piecing workshop

Slow-stitching is gaining ground on the quick, machine-pieced quilt project. It’s soothing and you can take it anywhere with you.

In this class I will talk you through how to make a hand-pieces Pickle Dish block with everything involved. Picking fabrics, marking and cutting your pieces ready to hand-sew into this classic block that I’ve re-styled.


Location: The Village Haberdashery, West Hampstead, London

Date: Saturday, 13 October, 2018