SOLD OUT – This Way and That- an Online Group Workshop – January 29th, 5-9pm GMT


This is an online course consisting of a one-hour ‘Get Ready!’ session to discuss colours and what you need to prep, followed two weeks later by a four-hour group session, all via zoom. The workshop consists of two one-hour demo’s by me, each followed by solo sewing and questions by you.


Times (NEW! Note the two different meeting times and dates):

Get Ready!Sunday January 15th, 6-7pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) World Time Buddy

10am-11am PST

12pm-1pm CST

1pm-2pm EST

Workshop – Sunday January 29th, 5pm-9pm GMT World Time Buddy

9am-1pm PST

11am-3pm CST

12pm-4pm EST


Learning objectives:

In this techniques class we will be exploring the Twice-cut Drunkard’s Path technique further. This time we’ll be using the new 14” Drunkard’s Path set** in combination with the Complete and Oval set to create blocks with transparency and multiple curves in different directions (this way and that).

I will show you how to pick colours that enhance the transparency between the different curves. With the help of the two template sets, we cut and sew the arches, cut again and assemble into this new 14” block. The block looks great multiplied by four to create a 28” block for a cushion, mini quilt or bag panel or as the 56” or 84” quilt sizes included in your pattern.

We’ll be using the Oval Drunkard’s Path templates (not the Long Ovals) together with the new 14” set, either in paper form or my Acrylic templates.

The paper version of the templates used in class is included but, if you decide only the Acrylic templates will suffice, you’ll receive a 10% class discount* code upon booking the class. The Acrylic templates are highly recommended for ease and accuracy, especially if you are a stickler for precision.



PDF Paper templates for you to print

PDF This Way and That pattern (including the block pattern plus and two quilt sizes)

The video recording of the class and the ‘Get ready!’ session (downloadable)

10% discount*



Suitable for confident beginners to advanced sewists. A basic quilting knowledge (how to use a rotary cutter and ruler and to sew using an accurate seam allowance e.t.c.) is assumed but no previous curved-piecing skills are needed.


*10% Discount on the Oval, Complete and New 14” Drunkard’s Path Sets used in class plus the Long Oval and Multiple Drunkard’s Path Sets as well as all quilt patterns and 1-2-1 workshops in my shop.

** Available in my shop soon. If you already own the original 14” DP set you can upgrade it to the New 14” by buying the additional curves.


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