Touchdraw and the Drunkard’s Path #2 – an online Group Workshop (for iPad and Mac) – July 9th 7-9pm


This is a two hour online group session via Zoom.


The class is on a Saturday and consists of a one and a half hour demo by me followed by questions and a chat.

7pm-9pm BST (British Summer Time) World Time Buddy

11am-1pm PDT

1pm-3pm CDT

2pm-4pm EDT

Learning objectives:

This two-hour class is a follow up to TouchDraw and the Drunkard’s Path #1. We will be using the PSS templates we drew in the first class, add seam allowances to them, calculate fabric allowances and cutting instructions and try our hands on creating some basic technical drawings for my Sunflower Block.

These steps will help you plan your own design and maybe even get you started putting your own pattern together.

You will end up with a TouchDraw library of Papper, Sax, Sten templates, with and without seam allowances, and a printable PDF of the 3 1/2″ DP templates. The class will be recorded and the recording downloadable for you to re-watch in your own time.


Step-by-step manual to drawing Drunkard’s Path templates and adding seam allowances

The video recording of the class (downloadable)

10% discount*



Beginner. This is a basic drawing class to get you started designing your own quilts and quilt blocks.


You will need to download the Touchdraw app prior to the class, either on your iPad or your Mac.


*Booking this workshop gives you 10% discount on the Complete, Oval and Long Oval Drunkard’s Path Sets, the 14″ Drunkard’s Path Set as well as all quilt patterns and 1-2-1 workshops in my shop.


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