Tumbling Reels – an Online Group Workshop – April 28th and June 2nd


This is an online course consisting of a one-hour, ‘Get Ready!’ session where I go through the pattern and show you how I choose colours and what you need to prep. The ‘Get Ready!’ session is followed a few weeks later by the four-hour group workshop, all via zoom. The workshop consists of two one-hour demo’s by me, each followed by solo sewing and questions by you.


Times (Note the two different meeting times and dates):

Get Ready! -Sunday, April 28th, 5-6pm (BST)

9am-10am PDT

11am-12pm CDT

12pm-1pm EDT

Workshop – Sunday, June 2nd, 5-9pm (BST)

9am-1pm PDT

11pm-3pm CDT

12pm-4pm EDT


Learning objectives:

The Tumbling Reels workshop is all about Ovals, how to cut the pieces using the NEW Oval and Long Oval Multiple Drunkard’s Path templates and how to sew the really tight curves on the thinnest shape and the big and long curves on the larger shapes, all without using pins. I’ll also show you all my tricks on pressing your curved blocks to make them super flat. Oh, and seam-matching, lots of seam- matching!

In the, ‘Get ready!’ session I talk pattern, templates and colour and I will show you how to cut your curves in preparation for the workshop.

The workshop will be about sewing, pressing and assembling the different ovals. If you are daunted by the sharpness of some of those bends, I’ll give you tips on how to make this pattern easier for you (but give it a try first!). There will also be ideas on how to use other PSS templates to create the look of depth for those of you who already have my templates and is managing to resist the NEW sets;)



One-hour ‘Get ready!’ session

Four-hour workshop

PDF Paper templates

PDF Tumbling Reels quilt pattern (two quilt sizes, 74 1/2” x 60” and 74 1/2” x 56”)

The video recording of the class and the ‘Get ready!’ session

10% discount*



Suitable for confident beginners to advanced sewists. A basic quilting knowledge (how to use a rotary cutter and ruler and to sew using an accurate seam allowance e.t.c.) is assumed but no previous curved-piecing skills are needed.


Templates used:

The Tumbling Reels quilt is made with the NEW **Long Oval Multiple DP set and Oval Multiple DP set ( both available for pre-orders mid July with delivery beginning of July) in combination with the Multiple DP set.

Paper templates will be included but my custom Acrylic templates are recommended for ease and accuracy.


*10% Discount on the Oval Multiple Drunkard’s Path and Long Oval Multiple Drunkard’s Path sets used in class as well as the Complete, Oval, Long Oval, 14” and Multiple Drunkard’s Path Sets in my shop plus all Supplementary sets. See shop blurbs for shipping info and where to purchase my templates within the EU (*not valid in the EU shop).

** If you already own the original Oval and Long Oval DP sets you can upgrade them to fit this class by buying the Supplementary Oval and Long Oval Thin Middles in my shop. I will show you how to add all the marks you need to the Oval and Long Oval Squares when we meet in the ‘Get ready!’ session.

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