Twice-cut Drunkard’s Path – an Online Group Workshop – June 18th


This is an online course consisting of a one-hour ‘Get Ready!’ session to discuss colours and what you need to prep, followed a few weeks later by a four-hour group session, all via zoom. The workshop consists of two one-hour demo’s by me, each followed by solo sewing and questions by you.


Times (NEW! Note the two different meeting times and dates):

Get Ready!Sunday May 21st, 5-6pm BST (British Summer Time) World Time Buddy

10am PDT

12pm CDT

1pm EDT

Workshop – Sunday June 18th, 5pm-9pm BST World Time Buddy

9am-1pm PDT

11am-3pm CDT

12pm-4pm EDT


Learning objectives:

Do you want to learn how to sew no-pin curves and learn how to use this skill in an exciting new way?

In this four hour session we use my Drunkard’s Path Templates (Oval and Circular) to get our heads around the twice-cut (or sometimes thrice-cut) Drunkard’s Path block and the fun and unlimited ways of using this technique. We will sew blocks from the Hole Punch Ribbon and Hole Punch Hoop Quilts but also look at how you can create your own designs using the Twice-cut Drunkard’s Path block, holes and dowels. The quilt in the photo (dark background) is by @rosanne_hatfield


PDF paper templates and pattern and instructions for the Ribbon quilt

PDF paper templates and instructions for the Hoop quilt

Access to the recording of the class for eight weeks after the event

10% class discount on templates



As long as you do not shy from a challenge (I admit to have created a bit of a mind-bender with this design), the session is suitable for new-ish quilters and extreme quilters alike.

* 10% discount on the Complete Drunkard’s Path Set and the Complete Oval Drunkard’s Path Set used in this class as well as on the 14″ (Complete and Basic), Multiple and Long Oval Drunkard’s Path Sets and all quilt patterns and 1-2-1 workshops in my shop.




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