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Skinny Inset Strips

November 25, 2019

In this techniques class you’ll learn to sew no-pin curves and skinny inset strips using my Drunkard’s Path templates. This exact and intriguing technique allows you to add a line drawing effect to your sewing. This can be used for improv or precision piecing.

I will show you how to sew and trim the different blocks that make up the Wax Lyrical Quilt pattern plus my Kenny and Dolly Quilt pattern. I will also show you lots of options on how to make your own version and how to best use the different blocks in your own design.

The paper version of the templates used in class is included but, if you decide only the Acrylic templates will suffice, you’ll receive a 10% class discount code upon booking the class. The Acrylic templates are highly recommended for ease and accuracy, especially if you are a stickler for precision.


PDF Paper templates for you to print

PDF Wax Lyrical Quilt pattern and Kenny and Dolly Quilt pattern

The video recording of the class (downloadable).

10% discount


This technique can be used with precision or without so, depending on your need for accuracy, the session is suitable for newbie quilters and extreme quilters alike.

General quilting knowledge is assumed (how to use a rotary cutter, sew with an accurate seam allowance e.t.c.)