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Spring Workshop and Template News

November 29, 2022

I’m very excited to show you what I’ve been working on.  Lots of new workshops for Spring and some other shiny new things.

Firstly, workshops–The big launch happened on November 8th.  You’ll find all the new classes here!

It’s my aim to include something for everyone in there.  I’ll feature a no-pin curve class first:

Above the Cairns, February 4th:

This is a pure curve class where I’ll show you all my techniques for cutting, sewing and pressing no-pin curves as well as seam-matching and fixing seams that do not land exactly where you want them to.  If you have sewn curves before, but like to make this and hang out with us you are more than welcome!  The block is 17″ finished but can be multiplied by four to make a 68″ square quilt.





This Way and That, January 29th:

A block-based workshop where we play with the new 14″ templates (see template news below!) and the Ovals to create transparency in another take on the twice-cut technique.







Plaid Roundel, March 26th, April 22nd, and 29th and May 6th.

Have you done my Dazzling Roundel workshop and want to delve deeper into this crazy concept?  Maybe you’ve had your eyes on the Dazzling Roundel quilt but want a class that’s more in-depth.  In this four-session workshop, we look at all the aspects of my latest obsession.  With each session covering one of the main steps in making this design, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.  The quilt comes in two sizes, one intermediate and one advanced:

  • Session 1:  The planning (colour, templates, fabric)
  • Session 2:  The prep (sew stuff together in preparation for cutting it up again)
  • Session 3:  the nitty gritty (techniques and more techniques)
  • Session 4:  The finish


Last Chance!  Dazzling Roundel workshop, January 28th:

More experimentation on the Twice-Cut Drunkard’s Path technique.  You’ll find all the info about the class and the ‘Get Ready’ session on January 15th in my shop.







New Templates:

You might have spotted some new template sizes in some of the classes above.  I’ve upgraded the 14″ Drunkard’s Path set and, for those of you who already bought the original 14″, Complete and Dazzling Roundel sets, there’ll be the option of adding just the missing pieces to make them all play together.  I’m just taking photos of the new sets and then I’ll post them in my shop.

All my templates can be found in the shop (see EU orders info below!)


Quilt und Textikunst is now the EU supplier for the PSS Drunkard’s Path templates:

If you are based in an EU country, you can now order my templates from Germany, which means no more customs fees or import taxes added to your orders.

Shipping will be a lot smoother and easier than from the UK as well.  I am so chuffed to be able to offer this!

Visit Quilt und Textikunst today!


Lastly, if you are in the US and are contemplating getting my templates, now is the time, as the pound is so low, and it makes the USD go much further in my shop!