Guilds and Groups

I am a quilt designer and teacher who is obsessed with curves and, in particular, the Drunkard’s Path Block with its endless design possibilities.

I currently teach a variety of unique curve workshops online, either arranged by me (you can find them here) or by Guilds and groups across the globe (find a list of upcoming gigs below).

Wether you are booking a class and/or a talk for your Guild, looking to offer the customers of your quilt shop an exciting workshop or you are wanting to sew together with a bunch of friends, I’d love to hear from your. You can find my current classes below but I am also very happy to tailor a class for your wants and needs.

I am now taking bookings for in person teaching. 

Just contact me on pappersaxsten@gmail.com

Current workshops:

Thistles, Cogs and Caterpillar Wheels Twice-cut Drunkards Path Floating Stairs
Skinny Inset Strips Hexibore Quilt Really Large Petals and Cogs



The Evolution of a Curve- A talk by Jenny Haynes of Papper, Sax, Sten 

Jenny gives shape to curvy quilts and this is a fittingly meandering journey about Jenny’s development as a maker. Her life started in a 70s Sweden with rag rugs and hand-painted bark baskets, via London and a fashion industry that demands that you step on the orange, to a Yorkshire full of Drunkard’s Path quilts with holes and dowels.

It is also a story about the evolution of the curve and how this simple shape is picked up, experimented with and then either discarded (natural selection) or survives to become a building block for something (if Jenny has her way) more elaborate perhaps.

Jenny would say the curve evolves independently and is taking her on a journey rather than the other way around.

After this talk, you can judge for yourselves. 

1 hour 30 min (talk and Q&A)


Guild Prices:

Two-day (three+ three hour) workshop,  £1200 (groups of max 30 participants)

One-day (four hour) workshop £800 (groups of max 30 participants)

Talk £600


Time zones and suggested workshop times:

US and Canada- AM until early PM on weekends and weekdays.

Australia, NZ and India- PM on weekends and weekdays

Europe- Flexible


Time zones and suggested lecture times:



Upcoming gigs:

Here is a list of guild workshops. Click the links to book or contact them to see if/when they might open ticket sales to non-members.



Saint Louis MQG

May 14th, 9:30-10:15am CDT, Presentation – The Evolution of a Curve. Book here

May 14th, 10:30am-3pm CDT, Skinny Inset Strips

May 15th, 10:30am-3pm CDT, Thistles, Cogs and Caterpillar Wheels


Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association

May 23rd, 9am PT, Presentation – The Evolution of a Curve.

May 24th, 9:am-1pm PT, Skinny Inset Strips. Info from SCVQA here.

Quilters Guild of Dallas

July 9th, 11am CT, Presentation – The Evolution of a Curve.

July 10th, 10am-2:30pm CT, Hexibore Quilt workshop. Contact Quilters Guild of Dallas here.


South Florida MQG

July 23rd, 1-5pm ET, Skinny Inset Strips. Info from SFMQG here.


East Cobb Quilters Guild

August 26th, 10:30am ET, Presentation – The Evolution of a Curve.

August 27th, 11am – 3:30pm ET, Thistles, Cogs and Caterpillar Wheels. Info from ECQG here.

Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild

September 10th, 11am-3:30pm ET, Thistles, Cogs and Caterpillar Wheels Workshop. Contact CMQG here.