Guilds and Groups

I am a quilt designer and teacher who is obsessed with curves and, in particular, the Drunkard’s Path Block with its unlimited design possibilities.

I currently teach a variety of unique curve workshops online, either arranged by me (find them here) or by Guilds and groups across the globe.

I’d love to hear from your local Sewing Group, Quilt Shop or Guild about organising a class and/or a talk. Bookings for traveling workshops are currently on hold.

More info on Guild teaching to come.

Thistles, Cogs and Caterpillar Wheels

Twice-cut Drunkards Path:

Floating StairsFloating Stairs:

Skinny Inset Strips:

A Hole Lotta Luv:


Guild Prices:

Two-day workshop £1200

One-day workshop £800

Talk £600


Time zones:

US and Canada- AM weekends and weekdays.

Australia, NZ and India- PM weekends and weekdays

Europe- Flexible