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The New 14″ Templates are Here!

December 8, 2022

I’d like to tell you that the new 14″ templates are here and how you can combine it with the sets available to buy in my shop (or maybe they already live in your sewing room!)

Whether you are signed up to do a class or not this spring, you might have seen me mention some new 14″ templates on social media.

The new kid on the block is the Complete 14″ Drunkard’s Path set (more info below).  It is the set I’ll be using for the This Way and That Workshop on January 29th (see shipping info for this class at the end of this email) and the Plaid Roundel Workshop starting at the end of March.  You might’ve also heard a whisper about a 2023 BOM with me and @lucyengels…?  I can’t tell you the details yet, but these templates are also used for the BOM.  Don’t worry!  More BOM info will follow shortly.

So…  What is the Complete 14″ Drunkard’s Path set?

The Complete 14" Drunkard's Path set features the tempates to make a 14" block with thin and wide arches.

It is the previous 14″ set, (now named the Basic 14″ DP, poor thing) but with the extra curves.  I wanted (needed!) to be able to make a 14″ block with more arches, thin and wide.  I also wanted the option to tweak my 10 1/2″ block so it has wider arches.  This set, in combination with existing sets as mentioned below, will take care of ALL our needs. 😉

  • Combine the Complete 14″ DP with the Multiple DP set, and you’ll get a 14″ block with eight curves (1 3/4″ apart):The block made as a result of using all of the complete 14" drunkards path set.
  • Combine the complete 14″ Drunkards Path Set and you get a 14″ block with four curves (3 1/2″ apart) like this:

But what if I’ve got the ‘old’ 14″ set already?

I’ve made two supplementary sets, one with two 1 3/4″ curves and one with two 3 1/2″ curves.  (Images are clickable to the templates in my shop!)

The first one is the Supplementary Thin Middles, and it bridges the gap between the Complete DP set and your 14″ set (see picture above).

The second one is the Supplementary Middles, and it bridges the gap between the Complete DP set and your 14″ set (see picture above) AND/OR used in combination with the complete and Multiple DP, creates a 10 1/2″ block with three arches.  Like this:

Where and when do I get these 14″ Templates?

If you are in the US or Canada, please order from my shop.  The order will be sent to you with USPS from within the US from the beginning of February.  Import taxes and customs charges for orders outside of the US is not included.

If you are in the UK, please order from my shop.  The order will be sent to you, 1st class tracked and signed, with Royal Mail towards the end of December.

If you are ordering from within the EU, you can now get my 14″ templates directly from the Quilt un Textilkunst shop and no customs fees or import taxes will be added to your order.  The German shop is already stocking my current templates and the new sets will be ready to ship end of next week.

What if I’m doing This Way and That Workshop and need my templates in January?

Where ever you are, order now!  If you are in the EU or UK your templates will ship this month.

For orders to the US, CAN, AUS and NZ, place your order before midnight December 8th to make sure your order gets processed before Christmas and shipped at the beginning of January.

If you are shopping with USD, it might help to know that the pound is low right now and that makes your US $ go much further in my shop.

Any questions?  Just let me know!