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What’s Happening in 2024

March 18, 2024

Hi all,

I hope all is well with you. 2024 has been busy so far as I’m still catching up on a few missed months in 2023. I’ve got some repeat workshops in store, a new one I want to tell you more about and I want to let you know about an exiting in-person workshop a friend of mine is running in Paris!

The floating Stairs Quilt above was made by @terrypeart

This coming Monday, at 6pm GMT, I’m selling a handful of my quilts. I don’t make many quilts and most of them I keep for shows, trunk shows or as teaching samples so the quilt sale only happens every three to five years.

You’ll be able to find them HERE (but not until Monday). All quilts are sold!



There are four workshops in my shop that still have spaces available. Two repeats that sold out quickly and had a waiting list (catch them now if you’ve missed them or want a refre), one from a couple of years ago that I keep getting asked if I could run again (last chance!) and one brand new workshop. I will tell you more about each of them below. Click on the class names for the full class detail.

Hexibore Quilt:
In this class we’ll sew no-pin curves that, when they are put together, cut into wedges and joined, create a kaleidoscope style flower with either six or four petals. I will show you how to get accurate angles on your wedges, how to get the seams to match and lots more. In the prep session there will be lots of colour talk and how to choose colours that accentuate the folds.

We will be looking at the two different versions but also at how else you can use this design, like on this version below by @saija_elina


Tumbling Reels:

This is all about Ovals, how to cut the pieces using the NEW Oval and Long Oval Multiple Drunkard’s Path templates and how to sew the really tight curves on the thinnest shape and the big and long curves on the larger shapes, all without using pins. I’ll also show you all my tricks on pressing your curved blocks to make them super flat. Oh, and seam-matching, lots of seam- matching!

As with most of my workshops, there will be two versions, an easier and a slightly trickier one, that both create the look of depth and reels tumbling. 🍒🍒🍒

Floating Stairs:

Do you want to learn how to sew No-pin Curves, Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) using Freezer paper, draft your own perspective stairs and sew —seams in one workshop?

Over the course of three weeks (three sessions) we will break down this exciting design and I will show you how you create your own Floating Stairs pattern.

The Floating Stairs quilt below was made by @masch1956


Zebedee Quilt:

Named after a character in the Magic Roundabout and full of skill-building techniques, this quilt and workshop teaches you to draw your own FPP templates for the folds (see the three examples below), insert tiny 1 ¾” circles into these FPP panels and makes you a wizard (!) when it comes to sewing Oval and Long Oval Multiple Drunkard’s Path curves (the ones that creates the top and bottom of Zebedee’s spring).

If you don’t care to create your own folds there will be two versions to choose from, the multicoloured one below and a simpler and smaller size with less colour.


Over four days, April 18th to 21st 2024, I will be teaching four of my most popular classes.

I’ve selected these four as they are full of skill-building techniques that will elevate your quilting whether you decide to make just one block or get started on a full quilt.

Sewing machines kindly supplied by Janome UK.

Read all about the workshops and book your spot HERE.

There are only a couple of spots left in some of these so don’t dawdle.


My colleague Sam Hunter (of Hunter’s Design Studio) is running trips to Europe again this year: Spring in Paris, and Fall in the Basque region of France. These are bespoke, intimate tours (luxury on a budget – only 8 peeps in Paris, 12 in the south of France – everyone gets their own room) and they’re focused on exploring the cities from the textile lens. She takes people off the tourist path and into exclusive fiber and thread experiences. Her guides are steeped in the textile history of the cities! There’s also plenty of opportunity to fill your second suitcase with treasures from centuries-old shops and vintage market adventures. Mention the “Friend of Sam -Jenny” discount for $100 off! Read more about it at www.EmbroideredJourney.com

I am very much looking forward to see what you all come up with using my templates and playing with the techniques shared in class. And as usual, you can always reply to me by emailing me!